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Experiantial Marketing

Create a vibrant and memorable moment that your customers wont forget. We will customize our setup with your brand overlays. Customers will share videos on their social media platforms with your brand overlay.

Booth Branding

The Booth Branding package comes with a  Branded Booth, Branded Overlay, Music,  Intro and/or Outro Videos.  We can also incorporate as many brand elements as you like, including props backdrops and more.


Brand Activation

Brand Activation Photo Booth Rental
gives your guests a reason to share their
images to their social media platforms,
amplifying your messaging, extending
your reach, and increasing
brand engagement.

Engage your Audience

  • Collect customer data as they visit your Booth. Get access to valuable data such as demographics, names, emails etc.

  • We will tailor your booth experience to match your brand. From planning to executing, our marketing team will be with you form the start.

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